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Newspaper in Education Institute

The mission of the Institute, working through subscribing newspapers, is to help teachers improve students’ standardized test scores and critical thinking skills through the use of quality NIE curriculum resources and student supplements that support educational use of their local newspaper.


Our character and civic education resources encourage students to make good life choices and become responsible citizens in their communities.

Over 65,000 resources were accessed in 2023-2024.

Backyard Composting Project

Our mission is to promote backyard composting as an easy, cost-effective way to divert residential organic waste from landfills.


Our model for backyard composting costs municipalities $1.30 per year per household, around the cost of a single-day residential trash pickup. Residents invest $2 per year and Backyard Composting invests 30 cents in grant funds per year. (Amounts: 10-year average costs/warranty.)


For residents, the biggest benefit to composting is that it helps  them monitor and then reduce their food waste estimated at between $1,350 & $2,275 per household each year. (Source: Jonathan Bloom, American Wasteland, pg 187)


We GUARANTEE municipalities that their investment in the compost bins from their tipping fee budget will be returned in reduced tipping fees within one-year.

The Giving Games/The Life You Can Save
Evidence-based giving:

Our Mission: The mission of the Giving Games Project is to create a scalable, effective, and sustainable form of philanthropy education. We aim to produce a culture of giving where skillful, generous, and informed donors support organizations that achieve the most social impact.

What We Do: Educate people about the importance of good giving, and tools they can use to give effectively, by giving them a real-world donation decision with real money at stake. Empower educators and advocates around the world to grow the effective giving community by providing resources, training, and funding to run Giving Games. Leverage the impact of donors' gifts by allowing them to teach others about good giving while supporting great charities at the same time.

The NIE Institute provides significant funding for The Giving Games. Most funding goes to Givewell charities.

Cheverly Village

Cheverly Village is a community-based nonprofit that helps seniors in Cheverly, Maryland, to live in their homes as active, valued members of the community. Through trained and vetted volunteers, Cheverly Village provides members with a wide variety of practical services, arranges for social activities, and provides information about useful resources.

The NIE Institute provided funding, acted as their fiscal agent, and offered other support to help establish Cheverly Village as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Cheverly Native Planting Project (CNPP)
Facebook Page

The Cheverly Native Planting Project (CNPP) was created to promote and expand native planting in the Town of Cheverly.

The NIE Institute acted as the nonprofit fiscal agent for CNPP and provided support for its establishment as a separate nonprofit — the Community Native Planting Project. The new CNPP works in Cheverly and many other communities in the region.

Little Free Libraries of Cheverly
Cheverly LFL Bookmark with 10 Locations

A Little Free Library is a small structure for free book exchanges. There are Little Free Libraries all over the world but our favorites are right here in Cheverly!


Each Little Free Library is unique with its own special personal touches. Locate our Cheverly LFL's by downloading our bookmark.


Learn more about LFL's and their worldwide map of locations at

The NIE Institute provided newspaper racks and funding for artists, paint & registering sites with LFL's.

New Hope Academy & Intl. High School

Doug, and his wife Laurie, are one of the founding families that started New Hope Academy. Doug served as VP of the Board for over 20 years.


New Hope Academy (NHA) is an independent K-12 nonprofit school and preschool (ages 3-5), in Prince George's County (MD). It opened in 1990 and is certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. NHA is a non-sectarian, non-denominational school, which emphasizes a strong academic program and character development based on family values universal to people of faith and conscience. Each year there are one to two dozen international students.

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